Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gangsters, Magazines, & Ipads: FINAL


opening spread (spread 1)

spread 2

spread 3


Pull quote interaction

 Directory interaction

Inforgraphic interaction

When creating my layouts for the magazine, I used a 7 column grid so that I could allow for several narrow columns per layout. The narrow columns allude to the newspaper aesthetic I have used for this culture and also allow for a clear viewing of the grid that is employed in the spreads. I also use some "pinstripes" to emphasize the grid and allude to the pinstripe suits many mobsters wore during the time period. I wanted to emphasize the gridded structure of the spreads to indicate a higher level of organization that may not typically be seen in magazine layouts. This level of organization is supposed to suggest the idea of organization in crime that originated with these mobsters. 

In creating my iPad app, I used the color red to indicate moments of interaction. This color is very dominant compared to the other neutral colors used in the app. My first moment of interaction is a pull quote highlight, which highlights the pull quote in context within the body copy. The user presses one of the red quote marks to highlight the quote in context. The second moment is a look at the directory of the app. Here the user can touch the magnifying glass and move it along the scroll bar to see the pages available for viewing. The last interaction is a three part interaction with the infographic. The user taps the little bullseye button to expand the infograph. Then the user can tap any of the icons to receive more information on the particular mobster indicated by the icon. This information is a showing of their areas of operation in the United States, a photo gallery of images of the mobster (like a wanted poster and mug shots), and a video depicting the gangster in popular culture. Shown in my example are a wanted poster  and a mugshot for John Dillinger as well as a preview from the film Public Enemies which is about Dillinger's escapade as "public enemy #1."