Sunday, November 20, 2011

Narrative Project Goals

For this project I am addressing the question how can typography be captured and manipulated with live action film? I will answer this question by exploring the creation, use, and form of my Geronimo typefaces in experimental live action typographic explorations. The series of typographic studies will inform and enhance the use of this typeface. This video will be embedded in my .pdf specimen for the Geronimo typeface to support the typeface.

Logo Build Motion and Sound Tests

three different sound and motion tests

near final production

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Logo Build Process Storyboards


reference mirage/slowly comes into focus

the oasis logotype in a desert

using Ray's graphic elements to show a path leading to the logotype

beginning in the middle the logotype builds outward to reference inner healing

from the center the logo ripples into focus as if created by a water drop (chosen direction)

alternate version to water drop idea/logotype moves in and out of focus like a mirage being seen

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oasis Logo Build (FINAL)


In this project, I learned the importance of attributes that can describe the design task. The attributes of the rebranding of Stone Spirit Lodge were established by Ray Alvarez as quality, simplicity, and quirky sophistication. These attributes act as the basis of the design challenge. My logo build was meant to satisfy all of the attributes. I also learned the necessity of a quick and concise build as well as a quicker and more concise sound mark. They had to be integrated and related, but I pushed a little farther to attempt to convey different moods or ideas from both. The visual offers a relief from chaos when the water ripples calm to a still logo. The sound offers an ambience surrounding the drop of the water. Since it is a logo the build has to be concise so that it reads easily and quickly. I also learned that using a tagline in branding can really help establish the brand. I wasn't going to include the tagline, but I found a way to integrate it and it really helped reinforce the ambience of the piece.

Oasis Logo Build Concepting

The attributes of the Oasis rebrand (branding done by Ray Alvarez) are simplicity, quality, and quirky sophistication. The definition of an oasis is a patch of vegetation in a desert. In a very general sense, an oasis is a place of refreshment or comfort amidst harsh conditions. This was the concept used for the rebranding. Oasis is a place of relaxation. A place where one can separate themselves from the hardships of life.

In the logo build, the logo appears on screen as a water drop splashes on screen, causing the logo to ripple into focus. This references a moment of turmoil or hardship followed by a calm and relaxed surface tension.