Monday, October 3, 2011

Modes of Appeal Aesthetic Exercise

Color Palette-
Logos: The color palette for a logos appeal could be any palette that links visual to the literal make-up of the product.

Ethos: Colors belonging to authoritative and pre-established groups or organizations.

Pathos: Color palettes with contrasting colors can suggest anger or energy. Cool or warm muted colors can imply a sense of calm. Reds and deeper warm colors can imply romance or passion. All colors have there own connotations: blue suggests intelligence or water, green can suggest natural qualities.

Logos: Type that is laid out to express the brand and other information without the aid of expressive alterations or color. If it is laid out in a statistical format it might only suggest qualities or ingredients of the product.

Ethos: In the same way as the color palette, the typeface used may already be associated with a notable/trustworthy group or organization. The typeface used could suggest the age of the brand for added validity, such as Trajan. Careful wording to appeal to the consumer can also add validity.

Pathos: Hand letter type can informality or playfulness. Script could be romantic and formal. Woodblock type can suggest antique or nostalgic qualities. Type can relate to culture and the feelings one associates with that culture.

Stylistic References/Rendering Methods-
Logos: Any stylistic reference and rendering method that is objective enough to not imply meaning beyond what is pertained in the product. Simplistic and straight forward.

Ethos: If the style references the appropriate culture that the product relates to. The style and rendering method could be something that the consumer would relate to and subsequently trust. Ethos can play on nostalgia in a way that implies longevity.

Pathos: The stylistic choices and rendering methods can evoke emotion if they target the appropriate emotion. Nostalgia can be employed as a means to tug on the heartstrings of the consumer.

Product Identification

Pathos: The overall feel of farming and country. Reminiscent of a home cooked meal. The color reinforces these aspects appropriately. The slab serif adds to the authenticity of this appeal.

Pathos: The bright color implies energy. The wings also support that sudden burst of energy.
 Ethos: The design references old style milkman service. As the tag suggests it has a reliable and old fashioned appeal. The color is very strongly associated with the older trustworthy milk service/industry.
Logos: Shows exactly what it contains, which is four cans of each flavor in a box. The type does not assume any other responsibility other than relaying that information. The color only loosely relates to the type of meat in each can. The stylistic rendering of the cat as a silhouette does little to affect the consumer in a emotional or ethical way.

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