Friday, October 7, 2011

Union Station Renovated (first digital look)

 my aesthetic

Eli's aesthetic

Here are two aesthetic ideas for the Union Station interactive timeline. Eli and I worked back and forth but allowed each other to work on each direction by ourselves. With Eli's direction we had looked at the current branding of Union Station and referenced the colors. We also went for a little more classical feel with the type and using the station photo as the background. In my version, I went for a stripped down more modern feeling aesthetic. The simple gridded layout and left to right movement of the timeline is meant to suggest the nature of a train. With mine I hint at the train movement with the the tracks stripped down and abstracted into thin lines. I also use dots in the background to reference people walking around Union Station. These dots will act as a representation of the increasing bustle and burst of train use during the war years. As the viewer scrolls along each narrative on the timeline the amount of dots moving on and off screen increases as the war progresses and then decrease after the war and going toward the 50s.

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